Saturday, October 6, 2007

LL COOL J Shows Us The Platinum Body

I love being in my forties!

However, I must confess that while I will admit to being a workaholic, I am not a “work-out-aholic.” People who are close to me know that I hate working out, and I have learned that since entering my forties, attempting to maintain my goal weight while working out and eating at the same level that i did while I was in my 30's, wasn't working.

I took the pictures below at an event that I created this year for men called “Blatino Oasis" in Palm Springs California.

I literally came up with the idea to produce the event in early January of this year (2007), began promoting it in March and my partner Mark and I produced the event in June.

The stress and preparation of planning an event on such short notice caused my weight to jump from 190lbs to 205 lbs in a matter of weeks and although my partner Mark assured me by saying “you look good baby, you wear your weight well,” I could feel the extra weight that I was carrying in my waist area and it didn't feel like the Joe Hawkins I knew.

It wasn’t until Ron Fulcher (Keeping It Real Online TV) and I did the interview with L.L. Cool J in January of this year about his then new book Platinum Workout, that I realized that I was on a course of self neglect and at an age where bouncing back might not be as easy as it was during the halcyon days of my twenties and thirties.

L.L. was just about to celebrate his 38th birthday the week following our interview and when he walked up to me to shake my hand, I was totally taken aback by his physical stature and beauty.

He is a very big handsome brutha. His skin was flawless. Now, I am sure that regular visits to the esthetician also played a role in his skin looking so fabulous, but after the interview, I talked more with L.L. and his trainer “Scooter” about my own goals and was reinspired to get back into the kind of shape that I knew I could be in.

I bought the book and got busy.

I began a strict diet, cut bread out of my life completely, ate more nuts, fruit and vegetables, and bought all the lean cuisines that I could find and used them as a way to monitor my portions. I began drinking lots of water and worked out at least four times per week. I also made sure that I got more rest, even though I was busy as hell.

By the time Blatino Oasis arrived, I had lost 27 pounds and not only did I feel tight, I felt light and healthy again.

I was even brave enough to pose next to my boy Edmond a.k.a. Islander (above), who is also an inspiration to me. This might sound corny but, the proof is in the picture. No matter what your age or how overweight you might be, you can get in the best shape of your life starting this moment. You really have to start now. There's no need to wait until the New Year to start your journey back to a healthy lifestyle.

Since that picture (above), I have gained ten pounds back. But, I know exactly what to do to get back to my goal weight. While managing your weight is not rocket science, there is a science to it and you are the scientist. You begin to learn that with each decade of your life, you will have to prepare your body through concious effort for the decades to come.

As I work out, I will share some of my own helpful workout tips with you, of course check with your doctor first before you follow L.L.'s advice or mine, but whatever you do…GET BUSY TODAY!

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