Monday, October 8, 2007

My Beyonce Lake Tahoe Concert Adventure

Not wanting to deal with the crowds in Oakland for the Beyonce concert Labor Day Weekend, we decided to see her in Lake Tahoe which is far north on the Califoria/Nevada border.

Lake Tahoe is extremely beautiful but they definitley are not use to seeing black folks there.

I also found and took pictures of these interesting signs posted at one of the cabins. I thought, one of these white folks

done f'd up and called somebody out of their name or did some discriminatory shit, so now they have to post these signs everywhere to remind people that they are not superior.

Later, when we sat down to dinner, I saw a group of black women and one of them said to me "Whew, I was beginning to worry that we would be the only ones." We all laughed and I went back to my dinner.

During dinner, I noticed that three of the older white men sitting near our table were staring at me. At first I thought I was being paranoid, but it wasn't until I looked up and one guy was staring me in the face mean muggin me. I said to him "Why are you starring at me?"
He quickly averted is eyes and focused in on his family.

I was beginning to regret what was supposed to be a peaceful concert retreat in Lake Tahoe.

The concert was held outdoors at Harvey's Lake Tahoe. It was simply beautiful. The weather was gorgeous and almost everyone was dressed casually. As the people begin to file in, the diversity began to show with a good mix of blacks, Latino's, asains, white people and others.

The atmosphere was festive and friendly and by the time the concert started the place was packed, filled with people young and old.

Beyonce wow'ed the crowd with her signature drag queen/Tina Turner moves and hot all girl band. We partied all night with a group of 12 year old girls and had a ball.

Lake Tahoe, while beautiful, is not very diverse or friendly. Loved the concert...didn't feel the people.


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