Monday, November 5, 2007


Yes, over the weekend, my home girl, the 63 year old legendary singer Diana Ross, worked her polished performance through Oakland California at the Paramount Theater to a packed house and a gaggle of gays.

But did you notice how little press she got from Bay Area print and televison media? Even the white gay rags,which is all we have here, didn't cover anything about her performing in Oakland. Divas sometimes are literally "Blacked Out" from the mainstream press or the white gay press if they choose Oakland over the, not to be dismissed, San Francisco, as their city of choice to perform. It looks like even the legendary Diana Ross is not immune.

Whatever the case, she still packed the house and still showed everyone how a true Diva does it.

See Keeping It Real Blogger Ron Fulcher's entry about his evening with Diana Ross.


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