Sunday, January 13, 2008

Marcus Patrick Fired For Playgirl Spread

I didn't get to include this on my blog earlier because I was busy, but I really did wanted to blog something about Marcus Patrick.

Most West Hollywood bar hoppers know of Micky's bar and for those who know Micky's you also know Marcus Patrick. Striking good looks, a flawless body and a charming personality made Marcus Patrick one of the bar's most popular and desired go go dancers. In a heartfelt audio message on his MySpace page, Marcus talks about his life and his stripping exstensively.

Born and raised in Bath England, 33 year old Marcus is also an actor who has appeared on CSI Miami, Passions, and Young and the Restless.

In September Marcus was acting on the soap Days of Our Lives when the issue of Playgirl that he bared all for came out. The Globe ran an item that Marcus was going to be written off the show because of the pictorial.

Marucus then posted the following statement on his website ( "To set the record straight, NBC is happy with Marcus's performance on 'Days,' and no one is going anywhere! (Sorry, Globe!)" the following month he was let go from the show.

In his MySpace New Year message, Marcus says that he wants to change what celebrity is and make it what it should be.

Ironically, Marcus is set to play a male stripper in the upcoming film Love & Other Four Letter Words.

Kudos to you Marcus for staying true to yourself and your personal freedom.


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