Friday, January 11, 2008

Staying In Shape...The Power Of The Struggle

The annual pilgrimage to the gym is in full effect!
New faces have populated the gym that I work out in and depending on when I get to the gym, I will most likely have to modify the order of my workout because the gym during this time of the year is packed.

The sad truth about most peoples annual trek to the gym is that it is just that, a period during the new year where people make a temporary comittment to getting in shape, instead of a long-term committment to a healthier lifestyle.

I believe that there is nothing more important or valuable in life than our individual health.

To be honest, I have never really "enjoyed" working out. Last year, I wrote in my blog about how inspired I was to reach my goal weight after interviewing L.L. Cool J about his then new Platinum Body Workout Book. I was also motivated to tighten up in 2007, because I was producing my first Blatino Oasis, Palm Springs event at the time.

Being a middle aged man, I too face the very real daily challenge of battling the so called bulge.

Last year, I amazed myself by dropping my weight from 205 lbs in January 2007 to 175 lbs by June of the same year. I did it through self discipline, significantly modifying my diet and working out very, very, hard.

My weight has leveled off to about 185 lbs on my 5ft 11" frame. When I was 175lbs, I felt weak and was constantly hungry. I do however, enjoy 180lbs, i feel healthy at that weight and for a man in his mid 40's, I think this weight looks good on me.

Do you really want to be healthier and fit?

Without good health, you diminish your ability to help your parents, other family members and loved ones. Poor health and eating habits also reduces our body's ability to fight disease or recover from unforseen accidents.

Many of us tend to ignore messages to stay healthy until that first stroke, heart attack, cancer diagnoses, sexually transmitted disease or some other personal health challenge.

If you say you want to be healthy, then you have to take the journey towards conquering the demons that prevent you from choosing to be the healthy fit person that you claim you want to be. has a free and comprehensive online resource to help you stay motivated and focused. The site also offers a mental health section as well.

Start your journey to a healthier you right now... no matter how old you are or how difficult you believe it will be.

The benefits and the blessings of a healthy lifestyle are fully realized when you embrace the struggle.

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Fred said...

Hard work pays off! You look great in that photo!!!!!!!!!!!